Client Service


Our specialist permanent consultants have the experience and training to be classed as specialists within their individual areas. Working with a client to fulfil a permanent requirement is about consulting with you to fully understand your long term vision for a vacancy. We spend time with you, in person if possible, to understand not just the skills you need, but the cultural fit.

Once we have a full understanding of the candidate profile, we begin to use a combination of tried and tested resourcing methods to explore every avenue.

  • We use discreet marketing and social media to raise awareness across our networks
  • We engage with specific candidates who have expressed interest in roles of a particular nature
  • We will professionally brief all candidates, acting as an extension of your business
  • We will explore our networks in similar organizations, often gaining referrals
  • Constant engagement with our resourcing team to pro-actively explore our existing database.
  • Networking on all levels within, on-line social, and business networks

Once we have sourced a diverse range of candidates and briefed those who are relevant, we focus on ensuring that we send only the highest calibre individuals who match the brief most closely. Via personal interaction, focused questioning and our experience, we refine our selection to make sure that the profiles you receive are the most valuable use of your time.

With Doyen Resources you receive a level service that will give you the confidence to engage with us every time you have a need for resource.