Client Service


Doyen Resources understands the value that a flexible workforce can bring to your organisation, utilising niche skills to add extreme value to strategic objectives. The use of interim candidates can bring cost savings, hasten project delivery timescales and bring new skills to existing teams.

Over the last 10 years, we have developed a database of over 140,000 candidates that uses the latest search functionality. All of our consultants are carefully sourced and screened to match your specific brief and our consultants will only ever send you the best possible talent from the marketplace. We will work with you to use our market intelligence, advising you as a valuable partner to utilise our knowledge of your marketplace.

We can support you with rates, available expertise and example profiles and all of our candidates provide us with reference details for your peace of mind. As an approved supplier, we will partner with you to ensure that candidates meet the requirements of your internal human resources and sourcing policies.

While the correct contract resource adds value, a poorly sourced candidate can cause delays, unrest and a poor return on your investment.

We will support you in making the right hire, from a global pool of candidates.